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metalsharemp3's Journal

Metal Lovers Mp3 Share
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Share all your metal and rock mp3s and request what you want!
A community dedicated to the sharing of any kind of rock/metal mp3s you can think of. I created this community because I hate how hard it is to find really good rock/metal mp3s, especially of less mainstream bands. I invite you to share with us what you have and add to your collection with what we have!
3 inches of blood, a perfect circle, adastreia, after forever, amaran, anthrax, apocalyptica, arch enemy, artesia, avantasia, azrael's bane, bathory, battleheart, battleroar, beseech, birthday massacre, black light burns, blind guardian, breaking benjamin, cannibal corpse, celldweller, cirith gorgor, cradle of filth, dark moor, dethklok, dio, disturbed, doom metal, draconian, dragonforce, dream theatre, edge of sanity, edguy, emilie autumn, ensiferum, epic metal, epica, epinikion, evanescence, eyes of eden, fairyland, falconer, female fronted metal, femfronted metal, five bolt main, flogging molly, flowing tears, forgotten tales, freedom call, glittertind, goth rock, gothic metal, gothic rock, helloween, highland glory, iced earth, incubus, industrial metal, industrial rock, iron fire, jay gordon, kidneythieves, killswitch engage, king diamond, kmfdm, korn, krankhaus, lacuna coil, linkin park, lordi, luca turilli, lunarclick, majesty, mankind is obsolete, manowar, maroon 5, marylin manson, masterplan, mdfmk, megadeath, menhir, metal, motorhead, nightwish, nine inch nails, nirvana, nocturnal rites, nox arcana, nurse grenade, octavia sperati, power metal, primal fear, raphsody, rebellion, rob zombie, runic, running wild, rush, saliva, saxon, shadows fall, sinergy, sins of thy beloved, sirenia, skindred, skyclad, sonata arctica, static-x, stratovarius, svartby, symphony x, synergy, tad morose, temnozor, theatre of tragedy, therion, thrash metal, timo tolkki, tool, transmission 0, trivium, turisas, tystnaden, vision divine, within temptation, wolves throne room, xandria